'Love is the Reason'
'Apprehension' male
'Apprehension' female
‘Who are we to feel superior to animals and nature and how can we look ourselves straight into the eyes when we completely destroy our ecosystem?’

Homo sapiens master and lord in the Animal Kingdom?
Is it mankind who is the boss or the animal? Are we as homo sapiens master and lord in the Animal Kingdom or subordinate? Whatever the answer is, human beings help destroy ecosystems. With these images, Flore Zoé wishes to let the viewer reflect on how we treat animals and nature. In days past, giant animals like the dinosaurs were the absolute ruler on Earth. Long after their extinction homo sapiens evolved into an ecological serial killer: he killed more or less half of all the large animals on this planet, long before the invention of the wheel, alphabetic writing and Iron tools, as is to be read in the book Homo Sapiens of Yuval Noah Harari that inspired Flore Zoé for ANTS.
Digital Art & retouche Martin van Zwol
Makeup & hair Viviënne De Rop
Assistant Dunja Kroonenberg
Models Eva Sophia & Thomas @MaxModels
Taxidermy De Museumwinkel
Behind the scenes
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